Who We Are

Work Your Bot is an Indianapolis-based, minority-owned company with a simply vision:

companies and organizations can benefit from automation of menial tasks and we have a team that can help.

What We Do

We create Robotic Process Automation bots, or RPA bots, that handle the rote tasks that take up your time

These RPA bots can handle tasks such as importing and exporting data, copy and pasting information, scanning and flagging documents for errors, and more

We want to communicate with you! Tell us what menial tasks are taking up all your time, and we will help work with you to create a bot that can do the work for you.

Who We Work With

We are eager to work with clients from all different types of businesses, but we are especially eager to build relationships with:

State and Local Governments

Large and Midsize Businesses

Large Prime Federal Government Contractors