Work Your Bot


Work Your Bot is a joint venture between two Minority-Owned Small Businesses that have found ways to automate their menial day-to-day tasks. We are hoping to use what we have learned to make your business more efficient by creating automated virtual bots to save time, increase consistency, and reduce human error. 

Any rote, rule-based task can be taken over by virtual bots. Some specific tasks these bots excel at include data entry, web scraping, importing and exporting files, and so much more! Contact us to learn more.

These are Robotic Process Automation bots, or RPAs. RPA bots are virtual workers that can repeat tasks and do virtual work. They are not automatons, they do not take up physical space, they are merely intelligent software designed to work alongside humans.

RPA bots are programmed to replicate rote human activities. Our programmers will talk to people at every level of your company to figure out what needs to be done and what can be automated to free up time and leave your workers to do higher-level thinking.

RPA bots are designed to work alongside human workers, to free up their time for higher-level thinking and empathy-based tasks. They are designed not to be replacements, but to be supplementary virtual workers.